May 15th - Updated TWILIGHT TIME blu-ray release schedule for August!  8 HEADS IN A DUFFEL BAG (1997), KID GALAHAD (1962),  THE LONG, HOT SUMMER (1958), SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER (1959), THE EMPEROR IN AUGUST (2015). The estimated street date is August 15th. The pre-order date will be posted once received. 

April 26th - Check out Twilight Time's Nick Redman Blu-Ray Authority Interview Here!

May 12th - New titles from TWILIGHT TIME will go live Wednesday, May 31st at 4pm Eastern! THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN (1969), THE QUIET AMERICAN (1958) , HELL AND HIGH WATER (1954) , THE VALACHI PAPERS (1972) , SNAKE IN THE EAGLE’S SHADOW (1978) / DRUNKEN MASTER (1978). The estimated street date is June 13th.

May 2nd - New releases from TWILIGHT TIME go live for pre-order Wednesday, May 3rd at 4pm Eastern - THE MAN IN THE MOON (1991), WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN (1978), INFERNO 3D (1953), THE STONE KILLER (1973), BRUTAL TALES OF CHIVALRY (aka SHOWA ZANKYO DEN, 1965), and YEAR OF THE COMET (1991). The estimated street date is May 16th.

April 17th - Updated Twilight Time release schedule for July! TOM SAWYER (1973) / HUCKLEBERRY FINN (1974)  BLU-RAY, EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX* (*but were afraid to ask) (1972)  BLU-RAY, STATE FAIR (1962) BLU-RAY, THE CRIMSON KIMONO (1959) BLU-RAY - Estimated street date is July 18th.  Pre-order date will be posted once confirmed. 

March 8th - THE TWILIGHT TIME 7 FOR $70 BUNDLE HAS RETURNED! Click here to view the bundle offering

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